Group: Veddid, South Mongolid


Intermediate type between South Mongolid and Senoid native to Southern Indochina. The type is the result of intermixture followed by cultural brachycephalisation. Typified by the Khmer people of Cambodia. Also in Southern Thailand and the mountains of Southern Vietnam. More mixed in Cham, Sedang, Bahnar, and others.

Physical Traits:

Reddish medium brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Rather short, mesoskelic and ectomorph. Brachycephalic, hypsicranic with a somewhat depressed, mesorrhine nose. The face tends to be round, infantile features are more common in women. Eyes are relatively large, often only weakly slanted.


Lundman (1967) named and described Khmerid as a Veddid-Malaid blend. Has also been named Kambodischid (Lundman, 1952). In contrast Eickstedt (1944) entirely included it in East Veddid /Senoid. Biasutti (1967) disagreed and placed in in Punan (Dayakid).

Similar types:

East Shanid South Palaungid
South Gondid Deutero Malayid
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