South Gondid

Group: Veddid


Gracile Gondid variety of Central India that shares many similarities with Gondids proper, except for a variety of features that puts them morphologically closer to Gracile Indids, possibly a result of convergent evolution. Found in its purest form among Muria people. Also frequent in Mardia, Koyi, and the tribes of Bastar. More mixed in Baiga and related Gond people.

Physical Traits:

Medium to dark brown skin, wavy, sometimes curly hair, short, brachyskelic, ectomorph. Mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic, small-headed. Mesorrhine. Similar to North Gondids, but more gracile with a thinner body, longer face, even weaker prognathy, and less infantile features.


Eickstedt (1931) defined the Gracile / South Gondid type. In later publications he regarded it as a Gondid subtype as well: the Central Gondid (Eickstedt, 1937). Haddon's (1925) Pre-Dravidian is similar. Sarkar (1961) included in Australoid.

Similar types:

Kolid North Gondid
Arabian Veddoid Karnatid
Vedda Khmerid
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