Group: Indo Melanid


North Dravidian type, related to Melanids but with stronger Gondid influence. An important population element in India. Purest in Jharkhand and West Bengal, particularly in Kolarians. Typical in Santhal and Ho, extends west to Rajputana. Transitional to Melanids in East Dekkan and East Brachids in Bengal.

Physical Traits:

Black-brown skin, often darker than Veddoids except for Malids. Curly or wavy hair, short, mesoskelic, ectomorph, sometimes endomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, ortho- hypsicranic, small-headed. Meso- platyrrhine, triangular nose. The face is high and angular with relatively full lips. Similar to Karnatids and Gondids, from the latter it is distinguished by higher, longer faces, stronger chins, higher foreheads, and absence of prognathism.


Eickstedt (1928, 1934, 1952c) named the Kolid Indomelanid subtype. Drexel (1955) used the term Kolarid. Lundman (1967), Knussmann (1996) classified it as Indomelanid as well. Similar to Sarkar's (1961) Mundari type and Vallois' (1971) Melano-Indian. Detailed analysis on Santhal by Ghosa and Malik (2007).

Similar types:

North Gondid South Gondid
Malabarese Karnatid
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