Deutero Malayid

Group: South Mongolid


The insular counterpart of Shanids. Several components gave rise to this type in mainland Asia: Proto Malayid and Proto Sinid consumed other elements (e.g. Indid) when they migrated South. Over the past millennia the type dispersed across a vast area from Madagascar to the Easter Island. Typified today by Malays. The dominant element in Malaysia, Java, Central Philippines. Also common across Indonesia, in East Madagascar (e.g. Hova), Cham of Vietnam, West Micronesia, and occasionally Taiwan, East India, South Japan, and Polynesia.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish light to medium brown skin with straight or wavy hair. (Rather) short, mildly macroskelic, ectomorph. Brachycephalic, hypsicranic with a mesorrhine, relatively flat nose with round wings. Lips are relatively thick, jaw squat, body hair weak. Eyes slanting, Mongolian folds in some individuals, prognathy is mild.


The type was named and described by Sarasin (1905), many others adopted the name (Eickstedt, 1934; Weinert, 1965; Glinka et al. 2010). Lundman (1988) called it Malaid, Biasutti (1967) Neo Indonesian, Hooton (1946) Malay-Mongolid and Cole (1965) Malay.

Similar types:

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Dayakid Khmerid
Malagasid Robust Polynesid
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