Robust Polynesid

Group: Polynesid


Relatively recent Polynesid variety that developed after the Southeast Asian migration waves had reached Oceania. Most likely a brachycephalised Nesiotid - Proto Malayid blend, possibly with Indianid influence. Typical in Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Marquesas, and Tahiti, where the cephalic index peaks. Extends across all of Oceania and may sometimes be found in Melanesia and Western America.

Physical Traits:

Light brown, velvet-like skin, curly or wavy brown-black hair. Tall, mesoskelic sometimes macroskelic, endomorph to mesomorph, often very massive body. Brachycephalic, hypsicranic, rather large-headed. Mesorrhine, sometimes convex nose. Facial features are robust. The neck is thick, chin broad, jaw massive, the face large, forehead receding, lips not very thick, supraorbital arches mild.


Described as the Robust Polynesid by Eickstedt (1934) after Sullivan (1923) had called it the Indonesian-like element. The proper Polynesid of Biasutti (1967) as well as Lundman (1952, 1967), who regarded it a mixed type. Howells (1970) identified it as "group G1".

Similar types:

Deutero Malayid Pacifid
Fijid Nesiotid
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