South Palaungid

Group: South Mongolid


Southern Palaungid variety, weakly influenced by Veddid. Typical for the hill tribes of Thailand, Laos, and parts of Vietnam. Occasionally in Southern Thailand, Southern China, and south to Borneo and the Philippines. Older than Shanids, but younger than Veddids. Today in its purest form in Lao Soung, Khmu, Lua, Degar, but also common in Lao, Thai, Degar, Khmer, and Karen.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish medium brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Short, but taller than Western Palaungids, mesoskelic, ectomorph to endomorph. Often mesocephalic, hypsicranic with a short, often depressed, sometimes concave mesorrhine nose. Infantile. The face is round, low and wide with bulbous features and prominent cheekbones. Mongolian folds are rare.


Eickstedt (1937) named and described the South Palaungid variety. Generally part of Palaungid (Lundman,1967) and South Mongolid (Biasutti,1967; Knussmann,1996) or even Veddo-Paleo Mongolid (Eickstedt,1944). Part of the Indonesian subrace of Vallois (1971) and Hooton (1946). Anthropometric analysis by Olivier (1967).

Similar types:

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