East Palaungid

Group: South Mongolid


Eastern Palaungid variety, found in the hills of South China. Shows stronger Sinoid tendencies. Common along the China-Myanmar /-Vietnam border region and from South Yunnan far into Guangdong, Guizhou, and Sichuan. More frequent on hills and mountains than in valleys. Often in Pakanic, Liau, Pu-man, Zhuang, Angku, etc. More mixed in Yi, Miao, Hmong, Yao, and others.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish light brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Short, often ectomorph, sometimes endomorph, meso- macroskelic. Meso- brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Short, mesorrhine nose. The face is round, low and wide. Mongolian folds are occasionally found. Similar to Palaungid, but wider-nosed, less pigmented with more refined, gracile, and Mongoloid features.


Eickstedt, 1937 named and described the East Palaungid variety. Ofen included in Palaungid / South Mongolid (Lundman,1967; Biasutti,1967; Knussmann,1996) or Indonesian of Vallois (1971) and Hooton (1946).

Similar types:

Palaungid Chukiangid
South Palaungid Tonkinesid
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