Group: Lagid


Northern Fuegid variety that is often considered part of the Lagoid group. Shows Melanesiform features and probably arrived with one of the earliest migrations to America. Native to the Argentinian Cuyo and the Bolivian savannahs. Typified by Huarpe, common in Sirionó and the almost-gone Comechingónes. More mixed in Uros. Was common in Pre-Colombian times, but numbers only a few hundred today.

Physical Traits:

Medium, sometimes dark brown skin, often with wavy hair. (Rather) tall, mesoskelic, relatively ectomorph body. Dolichocephalic, sometimes mesocephalic, large-headed, hypsicranic. Mesorrhine. The face is long with visible supraorbital ridges. Sometimes mild prognathy. Body hair is relatively strong.


Named and defined by Canals Frau (1950), who had performed several studies (1943, 1944). Eickstedt (1952b) called it Huarpid or Inland Fuegid, others (Imbelloni, 1952) placed it with Lagids proper. Wegner (1931) had described similar types earlier. Linked to Drexel's (1955) Selvasids / Subandids.

Similar types:

Chocó-Motilon Lagoa Santa
Pampid Botocudo
South Fuegid Patagonid
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