Group: Lagid


Lagid subtype of the Mata Atlântica forests of Brazil, partially mixed with the Fuegid substratum (South Fuegids, Huarpids). Was the dominant type of the Botocudo (Aimoré) people that experienced a dramatic population decline after European colonisation. Today, the last Botocudo survive as the Krenak, who still number a few hundred.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish/copperish light brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Short, often macroskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, chamaecranic, large-headed with a lepto- mesorrhine, straight or low-rooted / concave nose. Face relatively low and small, only with weak supraorbital ridges. Sometimes mild prognathy. Cheekbones broad, jaw narrower than in the Lagoa Santa type.


Detailed early investigations were made by Ehrenreich (1887). Eickstedt (1934) included them in the Lagoa Santa type, Lundman (1967) in Campid. In contrast, Imbelloni (1938, 1952) separated them as Fuegid or Fuegid-admixed (Imbelloni, 1958). This was kept by Cerulli (1967) and Kunter (1987). Gonçalves et al. (2013) identified genetic links to Polynesians.

Similar types:

South Amazonid Lagoa Santa
Huarpid South Fuegid
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