Group: Amazonid, Lagid


Special type found in Colombia, Venezuela, as well as Panama. Contains Brasilid elements as well as relicts of one of the first migrations to South America that show similarities to Fuegids. Typical groups include Chocó (Embera, Wounaan), Motilon (Barí, Yukpa) and some related people, many of them extinct today. Was also present in Pre-Columbian Ecuadorian cultures.

Physical Traits:

Medium brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Short, macroskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic, mesorrhine nose with a slightly depressed root. The face is relatively high and long, the supraorbital arches are visible. Eyes narrow, lips rather full. The chin is often receding.


The type was described as a Fuegoid-influenced element by Biasutti (1967). Lundman (1967) reported similar types on the coasts of Ecuador, Venezuela, and South of the Maracaibo lake. Imbelloni (1958) noted Fuegid as well as Lagid admixed groups in the area.

Similar types:

Californid Mexicid
Isthmid North Amazonid
South Fuegid Huarpid
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