North Amazonid

Group: Amazonid


Amazonid proper, the dominant type of the rainforests North of the Amazon River to the Caribbean. Common among Cariban speakers, e.g. Caribs, Makushi, Pemón, Taurepang, Wayana, Yabarana, among others. The fearsome Caribs made the Spanish create the word "Cannibal". Originated in Guyanan savannahs and expanded to the Caribbean, where it pushed back the West Amazonids. European contact and disease dramatically ended their reign.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish-reddish medium brown skin, straight or wavy hair. Short, mesoskelic, ecto- to endomorph. Meso- brachycephalic, ortho- to mildly hypsicranic. Gracile, mesorrhine nose with dilated nostrils. Face oval, medium-high with relatively soft features, forehead broad, slightly receding chin. Eyes slanting, Mongolian fold rare.


Eickstedt (1934) defined and described the type as North Brasilid. Amazonid was used synonymously instead of Brasilid (Imbelloni, 1958; Biasutti, 1967; Kunter, 1987). Lundman (1967) also defined a northern Carib Amazonid subgroup. Brasilid was used by Canals Frau (1950) and Knussman (1996), among others.

Similar types:

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