Group: Sibirid


Sibirid subtype of the Yenisei River basin in Siberia. Shows some Americanoid features. Also seems to be culturally and linguistically linked to Pacifids, although no close genetic relationship is clear. May show a Proto Mongoloid state. Most common among the Ket people. They were never very numerous, numbering around 1000 individuals. In lower frequencies in other Uralic people and Nenets.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish-reddish light brown skin, straight brown or black hair and mixed eyes. Short, macroskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. Mildly brachycephalic, chamaecranic with a mesorrhine, often long and hooked nose that is relatively high. Oblong face, eyes slanting, Mongolian fold rare. Hair growth is average.


The type was defined and named as the Yenisey Uralic subtype by Levin (1963) . This was adopted by Debets (1974) and others. Usually part of Uralid (Alekseev, 1983) or regarded as an Americanoid Uralid (Debets, 1947) . Biasutti (1967) placed it together with Nenets and Chukchi in Paleo Sibirid, Eickstedt (1934) described it as a pure West Sibirid.

Similar types:

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