Group: Sibirid


West Sibirid subtype, especially common in the basin of the Ob River among Khanty and Mansi people. Sometimes in Altai and Khakassia. Due to the harsh Siberian climate, this type was never very numerous. Today, the indigenous groups are largely outnumbered by Russians.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight or wavy, usually brown, sometimes red, blonde, or black hair and mixed eyes. Short, macroskelic, endomorph. Mesocephalic, chamaecranic with a mesorrhine, moderately prominent, and occasionally plump nose (especially in females). The face is flat in some individuals. Hair growth is average, cheekbones and the folds of the upper eyelids are strong. Lips very thin.


The type was named Uralic by Bunak (1932), who divided it as the Uralic proper (Oby variant) from Sub Uralic (~Volgid). This was adopted by later Russian authors (e.g. Alexeev, 1979). Biasutti (1967) also defined an Uralid race. Described as a West Sibirid Obid subrace by Lundman (1943, 1952), part of West Sibirid for Eickstedt (1952).

Similar types:

Ladogan Samoyedic
Volgid Yenisey
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