Group: East Europid , Sibirid


Eurasian type, especially common west of the Ural in the basins of Sura and Moksha Rivers of Russia. Found in Mari, Chuvash, Volga-Finns. More mixed in Udmurts, Finns, and Ryazan population (where the taller, narrower-nosed Mordva subvariety is found). The Central European counterpart is the Pre Slavic type. In combination with Lappid a more brachycephalic Sub Lappid variety is produced.

Physical Traits:

Fair skin, usually straight, sometimes wavy, brown to black hair, often, but not always dark eyes. Rather short, meso- macroskelic, endomorph. Mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a mildly leptorrhine, plump nose. The face is relatively low and flat. Mongoloid eye features are occasionally found.


Named and defined by Lundman (1967) , who also called it Wjatkid. It is synonymous with the Sub Uralic of Bunak (1932) and Alexeev (1979), among others. Similar to the Volga Kama complex of Alexseeva (1965). Biasutti (1967) placed it in Uralid.

Similar types:

North Lappid Uralid
Pre Slavic Ladogan
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