Group: Centralid


Native American type, named after the Pueblo communities in Southwestern North America. Extends over a large area of Southern US states as well as Mexico. Most common in Hopi, Zuni, Choctaw, Caddo, Ute, Mohave, Nahua, Huichol, and many of their neighbours. As far North as Ojibwe and Kickapo and as far South as Aztecs, in those groups usually more mixed. Albinism comparatively common.

Physical Traits:

Light to medium brown skin with straight or wavy hair. Medium height to tall, mesoskelic, endomorph. (Hyper-)brachycephalic, hypsicranic with a mesorrhine, occasionally convex nose. Rectangular face with an angular chin that is often receding. Forehead is narrow, body hair relatively strong, eyes mildly slanting.


Named and defined by Eickstedt (1952), who had called it the "northern, silvoid Centralid belt" earlier (Eickstedt, 1934). Imbelloni (1952) and Biasutti (1967) combine it with Andid to Pueblo-Andid. Detailed descriptions by Hooton (1930) and Seltzer (1944). Neumann's (1952, 1966) Ashiwids and Iswanids are similar.

Similar types:

Arizonid Appalacid
Mexicid Maya
North Andid Isthmid
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