Group: Silvid


Silvid subtype, native to the North American Atlantic forests, from the Great Lakes to the Appalachians. Shows some Europid traits, not only phenotypically, but also genetically. This could be due to early colonial admixture, or Proto Europid migrations across the Atlantic (Solutrean hypothesis) or the Bering Strait, the latter being the most likely. Common in East Algonquins and Iroquois, more mixed in Mi'kmaq, Cherokee, Cree, and others. Rare today in pure form.

Physical Traits:

Light yellowish-brown skin, the name "red skin" came from war colouring. Straight or wavy black hair. Tall, mesoskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Mildly leptorrhine, sometimes convex nose. Face oval, supraorbital arches marked, forehead sloping. Cheekbones weaker and face higher than in Planid.


First identified by Hrdlicka (1927) and named Alkonkinid by Eickstedt (1934) who regarded it a Silvid subtype. Imbelloni (1952) and Cerulli (1967) defined it as Appalacid, including some of Eickstedt's Margids, Biasutti (1967) named it Alleganica subrace, Neumann (1952, 1966) Lenapid.

Similar types:

Planid Inuid
Sonorid Pueblid
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