Group: Margid


Margid subtype, native to the hot Sonora desert of South Arizona and California, as well as Northwestern Mexico. Probably arrived with one of the earlier migrations to America. Today typified by the Pima (O'odham) and the Seri. More mixed in Yuma, Papago, Tlapaneco, and many other people of the Southern US and Mexico. Probably played an important role in the extinct inhabitants of Baja California.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish-reddish medium to dark brown skin, straight or wavy black hair. (Rather) tall, meso- sometimes macroskelic, ectomorph, sometimes endomorph. Mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Mesorrhine, straight or slightly convex nose. Lower face is pointed oval. More gracile and elongated compared to other Margids. Eyes usually not slanted.


First described as the Sonoran type by Boas (1895) and Hrdlicka (1906). Eickstedt (1934) regarded it a Margid subtype, Knussmann (1996) entirely included it. Imbelloni (1952) and Biasutti (1967) entirely replaced Margid by Sonorid, including the shorter varieties. Detailed descriptions by McGee (1898) and Genna (1943).

Similar types:

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