California Pacifid

Group: Pacifid


Pacifid variety of California and South Washington. In its purest form in Northern California. Typified by the Yurok as well as Chinook groups. Also in Hupa, Modoc, Klamath, the extinct Chumash, and related people. Mixed with Margid in Maidu, Miwok, Yokut, and many others. In recent decades, admixture with non-natives has significantly increased, so that the type will most likely vanish soon.

Physical Traits:

Light, sometimes medium yellowish-brown skin with straight or wavy, dark brown hair. Medium height to tall, meso- macroskelic, endomorph to mesomorph. (Hyper-)brachycephalic, chamae- orthocranic with a mildly leptorrhine, long, prominent, frequently convex nose. Features not as angular as in Northern Pacifids, the nose and face longer, skin is darker. Eyes only weakly slanted.


First described as the Californian type by Gifford (1926), who investigated many groups in high detail. Following this work Eickstedt (1934) defined the core groups of the Californian type as a Pacifid subvariety. Similarly, Biasutti and Signorini (1967) described it as the Californian variant of Columbid.

Similar types:

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