West Ethiopid

Group: Ethiopid


Ethiopid subtype that was more widespread across the Western Saharan regions during the Neolithic when the area was still a green savannah. Found from Mauritania to Senegal and from Guinea to Northern Cameroon. Common in Western Fulani, especially Pular speakers of mountain regions. Mixed in other Fulani, Moors, Hausa, and related people. From the 15th century on, Islamisation, migration, and wars caused many of these groups to become heavily admixed.

Physical Traits:

Reddish medium to dark brown skin, wavy to tight-curly hair. (Rather) tall, ectomorph, brachyskelic. Dolichocephalic with a mesorrhine, long, often convex nose. Lips are neither thin nor thick. Pseudo-Semitic features may appear in some individuals. Somewhat prognathous.


Often described as West Ethiopid (Eickstedt, 1943; Pales, 1953; Alcobé y Noguer, 1952) or Ethiopid (Knussmann, 1996). In the modern groups, West African genetic influence dominates (Baker, 1981; Henn et al., 2012), Vogel (1974) even placed Ful and Hausa in Sudanid.

Similar types:

Moorish Targid
Senegalid Saharan Ethiopid
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