Group: Mediterranid , Orientalid


Specialised type of the Sahara, linked to Mediterranid and Orientalid - the southern counterpart of Libyid and Eurafricanid, but more strongly adapted to the desert. The result of isolation and selection under extreme environmental stimuli. Typified by the nobles of Tuareg (Imoshag) who migrate through a vast, sparsely populated area, especially found in the Ahaggar Plateau. Sometimes in Songhai and Kanuri. The name derives from the singular of Tuareg, "Targi".

Physical Traits:

Light to medium brown skin, often wavy black hair. Tall, brachyskelic, ectomorph with long arms. Dolichocephalic, orthocranic with a long face, dark eyes. Mandible less shallow than in most Mediterranids. The high-bridged nose is long, leptorrhine, and often hooked. Eyes occasionally pseudo-Mongoloid like in some Berberids.


First separated by Verneau (1916) as a distinct Europid type. Later named Targid by Eickstedt (1943, 1951). Coon (1939) recognised it as a specialised Mediterranean, Biasutti (1967) as a desert variant of Libica, Lundman (1967) and Vallois (1971) as part of Saharid.

Similar types:

Libyid Trans Mediterranid
Moorish Siwa
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