South Andid

Group: Andid, Patagonid


The southernmost Andid variety, somewhat influenced by Patagonid. The dominant type in Mapuche, native to Chile. More mixed in the extinct Chonos of South Chile. Although disease reduced numbers drastically after contact with the Spanish, the type spread east across Patagonia until the 18th century during a process of Araucanisation, and gave rise to blends with Patagonids (Puelche, etc.).

Physical Traits:

Light olive-brown skin, straight, rarely wavy hair. Medium height, mesoskelic, endomorph and massive. Meso- brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. (Mildly) leptorrhine, relatively depressed nose. Lips thin, Mongoloid eye features rare. Often Europiform in expression. In difference to other Andids, face lower, skin fairer, and nose narrower.


After detailed earlier descriptions (e.g. Latcham, 1904; Ten Kate, 1906), Eickstedt (1934) and Drexel (1955) defined it as the southern Andid variety. Lundman (1967) regarded it a Patagonid-Andid blend. Generally included in Andid (Kunter, 1987; Knussman, 1996) or together with Pubelid in Pueblo-Andid (Imbelloni, 1952).

Similar types:

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