Paleo Saharid

Group: Ethiopid , Khoid


Very ancient type native to the Sahara Desert. Related to Proto Ethiopid, but possibly also shows traces of ancient Khoisanids who were more widespread during the Paleolithic. About 20% of Toubous (Teda) in the Tibesti mountains still show this type. It is also present in Dawada of Libya. In lower frequencies across the Sahara from Haratins in the Maghreb to Sudanese.

Physical Traits:

Medium brown, sometimes yellowish skin. Curly or kinky hair. (Rather) short, ectomorph. Mesocephalic with a coarse, round, and very low face, and strong supraorbital arches. Mongoliform eyes may appear, but not as strong as in Khoisanids proper. Nose platyrrhine with a depressed root, but a high bridge. The mouth is large with not very thick lips, prognathy usually absent.


Biasutti (1933, 1935, 1967) named and defined the type, this was adopted by Eickstedt (1943) as well as Alcobé y Noguer (1952) . Coon's (1962) North African Capoids are possibly linked.

Similar types:

Fezzanid Saharan Ethiopid
Proto Ethiopid Sandawe
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