Group: Khoid, Sanid


Almost extinct Khoisanid type, once common along the South African coasts from Cape Colony to the Skeleton Coast. The name derives from the "beach-combers" who lived mainly on shellfish. Probably a Proto-Khoisanid type, very ancient and less specialised. Has vanished as a result of European colonisation, however some individuals of Topnaar (ǂ Aonin) may still show this type.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish brown skin, wrinkled in old age, kinky, sometimes peppercorn hair. Short, ectomorph, sometimes endomorph, women may show steatopygia. Mesocephalic, sometimes brachycephalic, with a large and chamaecranic skull. Mesorrhine nose with a depressed root and dilated wings. The face is broad and low, orbits are large, prognathy common, eyes show pseudo-Mongoloid features.


The type was identified and named by Shrubsall (1898, 1911). Biasutti (1967) adopted as a Khoisanid subrace he called "Costiera". Detailed investigations were also made by Johnston (1910), Dart (1955) and Sydow (1973). Sometimes placed between Khoe and San (Cole, 1965).

Similar types:

Mountain Dama Kalaharid
Khoid Karroid
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