Group: Sanid



Sanid variety, native to the Kalahari. Very ancient and distinct, specialised desert type with many unique features. Typical for the Northern and Central Bushmen, e.g. the !Kung (e.g. Ju/'hoansi), Naro, Khwe, Amkoe, and related people. Has lived in the region many millennia before Bantu and European arrival. Several thousand typical individuals remain, threatened by loss of culture and displacement.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish/reddish medium brown skin, wrinkled in old age, peppercorn hair (< 15 mm). Short, meso- brachyskelic, very ectomorph. Very infantile, sometimes steatopygic. Dolicho- mesocephalic, chamaecranic, rather small-headed. Platyrrhine, depressed nose and a convex upper lip. Eyes pseudo-Mongoloid, prognathy very weak, penis sub-erect, body hair rather weak.


The northern Sanid was named Kalaharid by Lundman (1967) and described taller and darker by Eickstedt (1934), too, who called it Sanid like most others (Baker, 1981; Knussmann, 1996). So did Biasutti (1967), calling them Bosćmana. May be further divided in a Central and Northern group (Cole, 1965; Schlebusch et al., 2012).

Similar types:

Khoid Xhosaid
Strandlooper Karroid
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