North Australid

Group: Australid


Australid type of Northern and Central Australia typical for the Gulf of Carpentaria. Shows some similarities to Paleo Melanesids. By some associated with prehistoric immigrants from India (Veddoids). In its purest form in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Arnhem Land, but dominant all over Northern Australia. Occasionally in Melanesia (especially New Caledonia) and Southern New Guinea.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown, sometimes black skin with wavy or curly hair. (Rather) tall, hyperbrachyskelic, ectomorph. (Hyper-) dolichocephalic, mildly hypsicranic (in contrast to other Australids). Nose (hyper-)platyrrhine, high with a depressed root. Supraorbital arches relatively strong, deep-set eyes, facial features robust. Forehead and chin receding, prognathy pronounced, lips full, body hair medium to sparse.


The type was identified as Carpentarian by Birdsell (1942). This was adopted by other authors (Hooton, 1946; Coon et al, 1950; Cole, 1965). Lundman (1967, 1988) named it North Australid / Carpentarid. Biasutti (1967) regarded it the proper Australid. Recent research supports migrations from India (Pugacha et al., 2013).

Similar types:

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