Brachio Melanesid

Group: Melanesid


Atypical brachycephalic Melanesid variety native to Melanesia and New Guinea. In its most pronounced form in the Kerewo of Goaribari Island in the Papua Gulf - and the related Kiwai. Another centre lies in the Bismarck Archipelago. Occasionally in East New Guinea, highlanders (Bena Bena), and along the Bougainville Strait.

Physical Traits:

Dark reddish-brown skin. Usually tight-curly hair that is red or blonde in rare cases. Medium-height to rather short, brachyskelic, mesomorph to endomorph with long arms. (Mildly) brachycephalic, orthocranic with a mildly platyrrhine, high-rooted nose. Lips relatively thick, but not bulging. Deep-set eyes, chin somewhat stronger than in other Melanesids, occasionally prognathous, body hair moderate.


The brachycephalic element was reported early by Haddon (1916). Both Eickstedt (1934) and Battaglia (1967), among others, reported brachycephal Melanesids from different places.

Similar types:

Mountain Melanesid Bukaid
Insular Melanesid Tapirid
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