Mountain Dama

Group: Congolid


Ancient type of the Namibian highlands, especially the Brandberg and Otavi mountains. Probably a relict of groups that were widespread in Southern Africa prior to the Bantu expansion. During the 19th century it was still found in some Mountain Damara tribes, e.g. Haukhoin and Kattea pygmies. Today only as an admixed minority element in Damara, Ovambo, and related groups.

Physical Traits:

(Bluish) black skin with kinky or peppercorn hair. Short to medium height, mesoskelic with an endomorph to mesomorph body. Dolicho- mesocephalic, orthocranic with coarse facial features, a platyrrhine nose with a depressed root. Often prognathous, body hair relatively strong.


Described in high detail by Vedder (1923) as "Bergdama", after early reports indicated the existence the type. Eickstedt (1934) and Knussmann (1996) regarded them the southernmost Paleo Negrid variety, Baker (1981) called it "Palšnegrid 4". Biasutti (1967), Lundman (1967) and Cole (1965) mention Bergdama as atypical.

Similar types:

West Congolesid Twa-Cwa
Central Bantuid Hadza
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