Very tall:

Very tall stature is defined here as showing an average height of more than 180 cm in males in a pre-industrial society. Even the tallest Europeans - Scots and Montenegrins - didn't reach such numbers until a few decades ago. In Africa, on the other hand, a few such populations exist. They are usually extremely slender in build, with thin bodies, short trunks, and very long legs. Their stature evolved by natural selection in response to dry heat where sweating is efficient, so that long lean bodies have an advantage. The tallest ever measured are the Nuer, where men averaged 185 cm. Dinka, Shilluk, Sara, Makari, and Tutsi are only marginally shorter. Outside of Africa, very tall stature combined with massive, thickset bodies could have been present in some inland Patagonian groups. The natives of Rio Chico and Rio Santa-Cruz reached an average of 185 cm just like the Nuer. Some extinct groups could have been even taller.