Tall stature is found in different populations of all continents, but is basically absent in North and East Asia. Many tall populations live in grasslands or temperate forests. Tall stature can be evolutionary beneficial if people hunt large game or control large domestic animals. In addition, in dry heat sweating is efficient, so that long lean bodies have an advantage. Thus, many African savannah and desert populations are tall, from Nilotes and Niger-Congo groups to Tuareg and Somali. Many Northern Europeans are tall, as well as people from the Dinaric mountains. In Asia, only a few Bedouins of Iraq and Iran as well as Sikh may show tall statures, just like a few North Australian Aborigines. In Polynesia tall stature is common. Tall height was typical for many Native North Americans of the Great Plains and the Northern forests. Most Patagonian groups were tall as well.