Pale skin:

Pale skin roughly corresponds to a Luschan scale of 1-5. It is mainly found in Northern Europeans. Only developed in regions with low solar radiation, because it offers little protection to sunburn. The climate that favours the development of pale skin the most is not the icy polar climate where the snow reflects sunlight during the summer. Instead, cloudy and cool temperate climate like that of the Faroe Islands favours it the most. Some studies indicate a development during the Neolithic in European farmers. In most pale-skinned individuals only a mild tanning can be achieved by exposure to the sun, but the skin easily burns and turns red. The maximum paleness is usually reached during the late winter months. Pale-skinned individuals often show freckles and are red or blonde haired, occasionally brown-black haired. Some historical and modern societies regard pale skin as an ideal, others try to reduce paleness through artificial tanning.