Short stature occurs in different populations of all continents. Many live in tropical forest, mountain, or desert regions. Short stature can be beneficial in harsh environments if there is unstable food supply. Besides that, short stature is found in many Arctic regions with extremely cold climate. Here, the trunk is often large, but short limbs offer a great protection against the cold. Native Americans living in forests and mountains from South Mexico to Peru are short. Similarly, Pygmoid groups of the tropical African forests like the Twa and Baka, and the Khoisan of the South African semi-deserts. In India it is frequent in Veddoids. Indochinese mountain groups are short, just like many inland populations of the Sunda Islands and New Guinea. The extinct "Australian Pygmies" were short. In Europe it is found in some South Italians, in North Eurasia in Saami, Ainu, and several Siberians. In North America in several Inuit groups.