Red hair:

Red hair is produced if eumelanin is very low, so that the red phaeomelanin becomes visible. It is the rarest and most unique hair colour in the world. It occurs in more than 10 percent of the population only in Celtic groups of Western Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, in Udmurts of Russia, and some Berber groups. It can appear in English, Scandinavians, Germans, French, more frequently among cromagniform phenotypes (Faelid, Paleo Atlantid), and more frequently in mountain regions. It also exists in other European countries. Outside of Europe, it may appear in West Asia, the Australian interior, and in lower frequencies in parts of Melanesia, among African Pygmies, and Polynesians. Very rare in native Americans and others. In Europe, red hair often goes in line with pale skin, freckles, and high vulnerability to sunburn.