Blonde hair:

Blonde hair is the result of a low concentration of melanin, thus revealing the colour of keratin, which forms the body of the hair. Most native people with blonde hair are Europeans. With more than 80 percent of blond males, the blondest places in the world are inland parts of the South Norwegian Agder region and Central Estonia. Blond hair is frequent throughout Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe and sporadically appears in South Europe, North Africa and West Asia. Much smaller dark-skinned blonde populations exist in the Australian interior and parts of Melanesia. Blonde hair may even appear in African Pygmies, Native Americans (Pacifids, Fuegids), Polynesians, in Hmong, Uyghurs, and others. Historically it was a beauty ideal and it is still popular for modern women to dye their hair blonde. Solar radiation can lighten up natural blonde hair even more and turn it strawy. During adolescence many blondes turn brown-haired.