Group: Veddid


The easternmost Veddid type, usually shorter-skulled. The oldest living type of the Sunda Islands. More widespread in historic times and probably pushed back by South Mongolids. Diluted today. In its purest form in the Toala of Celebes, where it occurs in Tokea and Loinang as well. May also be found in Sumatra (Kubu, Lubu, Batak), Borneo (Ulu Ajar), Lombok, Philippines (Aeta, Mangyan), even South-East Papua and Madagascar (Sihanaka).

Physical Traits:

Medium to dark brown skin, usually wavy, sometimes curly hair. Short, ectomorph, meso- macroskelic and infantile. Meso- brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a round occiput and a platyrrhine, often depressed and concave nose. The face is broad, low and angular. Males often show supraciliary arches, women are more infantile. Prognathy is common, chin receding.


First identified by Sarasin (1905, 1907) and named Toalid by Eickstedt (1937, 1952). Kleiweg de Zwaan (1925) found Veddoids in Loiang, Heberer and Lehmann (1950) in Lombok, Heberer (1950) in Flores , Conklin (1949) in Mindoro, Biasutti (1967) from Sumatra to Borneo, Palawan, Celebes, and Lombok.

Similar types:

Senoid Aetid
Dayakid Proto Malayid
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