Group: Sinid


Robust Sinid variety, found in its highest concentration in Eastern Tibet, especially in the Kham region in nomads and warrior castes. Could be an older Sinid type, or alternatively just an adaption to the high altitude. Also in South Tibetans, Qinghai, Gansu, Szechuan, Yunnan, Northern Burma, Arunachal Pradesh, and in lower frequencies across many regions of East Asia including Indochina.

Physical Traits:

Light, sometimes medium olive brown skin with straight, sometimes wavy hair. Medium height, mesoskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. The head is large and robust, dolicho- mesocephalic and hypsicranic. Mesorrhine, straight or convex, sometimes low-rooted nose. Face broader than in Tibetid proper, mildly flattened. The Mongolian fold is found regularly. Mildly prognathous.


An Eastern Kham Tibetan variant was separated by various authors (Turner, 1913; Morant, 1924; Montandon, 1933; Biasutti and Gomez-Tabanera, 1967), also mentioned by Eickstedt (1934). Similar to Michalski's (1938) Highland type (Q).

Similar types:

Tibetid Gobid
Changkiangid Kachinid
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