Group: Bantuid


Bantuid variety, overall similar to Central Bantuid, but with weak Khoisan influence, placing it closer to Xhosaid. Developed as a result of the Bantu expansion when Bantu assimilated some older Khoisanid elements. Found especially in Botswana and South Mozambique, with lower frequencies in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and adjacent countries. Typified by the Chopi and Tswana, also in the Nyamban, sometimes Tsonga, Sotho, and surrounding groups.

Physical Traits:

Yellowish dark, sometimes medium brown skin, usually kinky, sometimes peppercorn hair. (Rather) tall, mildly brachyskelic, mesomorph. Dolichocephalic, sometimes hyperdolichocephalic, chamae- sometimes orthocranic with narrower skulls than other Bantuids. Platyrrhine nose, lips rather full. Prognathy modest, pseudo-Mongoloid eyes in a few cases.


Identified by Dart (1962) as the Chopi-Nyambaan-Tswana type (Group C), it is similar to his group A (Shangana-Tonga, c.p. Central Bantuid), but with greater Khoisanid influence. Significant Khoisanid admixture was also noted by Cole (1965) and Baker (1981).

Similar types:

Katangid Central Bantuid
Xhosaid Fengu-Pondo
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