Group: Australid


Australid subtype of the forest belt associated with the Australian pygmies. Could be the remnant of an ancient Negrito strain that once occupied large parts of Australia, or alternatively the result of a process of reduction. Shows similarities to Tasmanids as well. Practically extinct today. Around 1900, a few Barrineans still survived in the jungles of Queensland. For millennia they had been pushed back by Carpentarians, later by European colonists.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown skin with curly or tight-curly brown-black hair. Short, brachyskelic sometimes mesoskelic, endomorph. Dolichocephalic, smaller-headed than neighbouring types. Nose (hyper-)platyrrhine with a very depressed root, often concave. Faces shorter than in the taller types, eyes deep-set, chin short. Body hair relatively weak.


Identified by Tindale and Birdsell (1941) during their expedition to Queensland. Later used as Tasmanoid / Barrinean (Hooton, 1946; Birdsell, 1949; Cole, 1965) or Australo-Pygmid (Drexel, 1955). Detailed summary on the resarch by Windschuttle and Gillin (2002) .

Similar types:

Tapirid Desert Australid
South Australid Tasmanid
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